When we heard the name of the tropical storm that's bearing down on Oahu was "Darby," we had to laugh. Such a light and playful name. And although he's not as powerful as promised, you might feel the need to stay at home today. DON'T! Come to Bacchus for a Sunday cocktail! We'll do our best to make you smile and laugh!

If you do decide to stay at home (sad face), make sure you keep it light.
Take in a movie. Better yet, make it a gay movie…

But gay cinema isn't always the best.
Sure, we've got Brokeback Mountain, but that's all romance, tears and angst. There's a wealth of comedies out there that'll have you chuckling on a rainy Sunday before, or after you enjoy a tasty cocktail at Bacchus.

Here are our top 5 recommendations:

In The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green Ethan lives with his roommate Charlotte in a house owned by his ex-boyfriend Leo, and has been dating a former pro baseball player turned autobiographer Kyle. But when Leo announces his plan to sell the house, Ethan starts dropping hints to Kyle that they should move in together. However when Kyle actually does ask him, Ethan has commitment issues and breaks up with him. Then Ethan hooks up with Punch who works in real estate, together they conspire to delay the sale of Leo's house by getting him to sign up with the depressed realtor Sunny.

Their plan runs into a roadblock when Ethan's housemate sleeps with her, knocking her out of her depression and motivating her to sell the house. To make matters worse Ethan discovers he still has feelings for Leo, who unfortunately is engaged to a gay republican. Ethan is suddenly left with some important decisions to be made and time is of the essence.

Note: While there are some situational similarities, Ethan is WAY MORE ADORABLE than Jonathan Groff's whining Patrick on HBOs Looking. Check this one out and laugh and laugh.

Eating Out proved to be one of those surprising successes that spawned several sequels and has become a favorite among many. After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Tiffani von der Sloot, Caleb discusses with his roommate Kyle, who explains that while he has trouble getting the men he wants, he could get any woman because he's gay. Caleb then later crosses paths with newly single Gwen who has just dumped her boyfriend after he came out to her, and while he grows an infatuation for her he meets Marc, who ironically is the object of Kyle's affection but ironically grows a crush on Caleb.

Confusing isn't it? It gets worse. Kyle comes up with a crazy scheme telling Gwen that Caleb is gay, so she'll set him up with Marc, figuring that Caleb can use Marc to get to Gwen, while he uses Caleb to get to Marc.

What follows is a hilarious case of mistaken identities, awkward family dinners, mixed messages and an exploration of sexuality in ways you wouldn't normally see coming. It also goes without saying, the sequels are also well worth checking out.

Known simply as Priscilla, this Australian film had such an international success that it not only brought world attention to Australia cinema, it also inspired both a musical and a reality television series.

The plot follows the journey of two drag queens and a transsexual woman who journey across the Australian Outback in their tour bus named “Priscilla.” With its quirky humor, one-liners, and at times emotionally resonant story, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has earned its position as one of the greats of queer film. Naughty Bacchus has always been a fan of super sexy Guy Pearce. Yum!

The Birdcage with its all-star cast does not disappoint. The film is a remake of the French original musical and motion picture, La Cage Au Folles. Robin Williams is memorable in his role in this film that celebrates differences and points out the outrageousness of hiding those differences.

Armand (Williams) owns a popular drag nightclub in South Miami Beach, where his longtime partner Albert (Nathan Lane) also stars there as Starina. Their son Val (the always sexy Dan Futterman), who was a result of one Armand's previous heterosexual flings, comes home to announced his engagement to Barbara, however there is one big problem. Barbara (Calista Flockhart - in one of her earliest roles, looking more like an insect with the biggest head and tiniest body) is the daughter of a US senator and vice president of the Committee of Moral Order. When the Senator (Gene Hackman) and his family come visit South Beach to meet Val and his father and “mother”, the charade begins and comedic chaos follows.

Unlike the movies listed above, there is very little that's clever or witty in this silly send-up of high school comedy movies like American Pie. Enjoy this one for the pure camp factor.

Not Another Gay Movie centers around four gay friends who have recently graduated from High School. Andy is an awkward, sex crazed character who likes to use his mother's fruit and vegetables to masturbate with on a regular basis. Jarod is the rather handsome jock who suffers quite a severe case of insecurity. Griff is the nerdy well-dressed guy who is secretly in love with his best friend, and then there is Nico the over-the-top flamboyant one of the group.

The four decide to make a pact to have sex by the end of the summer. Each one proceeds to pursue sex in their own different ways with hilarious but tragic results. As to be expected each guy's quest backfires horribly with the boys learning to change their attitudes towards sex by the end of the film.

While the first film pushed the boundaries, its sequel Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! went a whole lot further, with some people saying it is the most disgusting and offensive queer movies ever made. You've been warned!

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