Ask Bacchus: What Gear to Wear?

Every Tuesday at Bacchus, Enjoy Tasty Tap Beer for Two Bucks. All Day, All Night. Drink Up. :-)

A blog reader writes:

I've been anticipating Saturday's GEAR PARTY for a few weeks. I want to make sure I don't go overboard or get ridiculed. What gear is acceptable? What would you recommend to a guy who's into kink and exhibitionism?

For the Bacchus GEAR PARTY, we invite you to wear gear you're comfortable with and highly recommend that you show off everything you want to show off.

To be eligible for our $100 Mr. S gift card drawing, you must be wearing some gear.

You will be surprised at how many local men own rubber, latex and leather clothing. And, as a result, there is very little ridicule or joking. Your confidence will grow when you enter the bar on Saturday night. Our only rule (because we want to keep our license to operate) is that no nudity is allowed.

You will see many men in simple arm bands and harnesses and there may be puppy mask.

If you want to wear a more theatrical outfit (and you can never be too over-the-top at these events), uniforms are definitely the way to go. School uniforms can also be popular.

The GEAR PARTY promises to be an excellent time. Be sure to show up by midnight as the drawing will be soon after. See you there.