Yawn & Stretch & Try to Come to Life…

Monday morning and the storm has passed. It's the right time to head on up to Bacchus Waikiki for a $3 Monday Margarita and a $4 Baker + Butcher Banh Mi or Butcher's Cut.

When Dolly Parton sings, "Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. Pour myself a cup of ambition; yawn and stretch and try to come to life…" in 9 to 5, did she know that there's a subtext?

Yawning is really interesting. Proving this has become the mission in life of Dutch academic Wolter Seuntjens, who wrote a book called, The Hidden Sexuality of the Human Yawn.

He set out to provide an encyclopedic overview of all available knowledge about yawning, drawing on linguistics, sociology, psychology, the medical sciences, and the arts.

He explores whether yawning has an erotic side.

Not everyone agrees he has really proved his point about the erotic yawn, but it is a good try.

He believes there is no good explanation for yawning. He says the common explanation of hypoxia - that yawning is a way for the body to take in more oxygen - is untested.

But the yawn and the associated stretch of the 'stretch-yawn syndrome' have been linked to desire and even of being in love, figuring in the courtship process both in the West and in passages in ancient Indian literature.

There's even one pair of authors who described the feeling that accompanies the height of yawning as a "mini-orgasm".

But there are times, concedes Dr. Yawn, when a yawn is simply a yawn - "even if a 'simple' yawn is not simple at all" - and we have to interpret every individual yawn as the occasion arises.

So as Dolly and her gal pals, Lily and Jane slog through their Mondays workin' nine to five, we hope you enjoy the view of this hunk yawning (below). Naughty Bacchus imagines that he's actually having an orgasm at the same time. ;-)