Shift Into GEAR

TONIGHT: We're all about GEAR. Get here at 9PM. DJ Kuya spins us into a sensual frenzy.
Never a cover. Always fun. Bacchus Waikiki.

When you live on (or visit) an island in the middle of the Pacific, you embrace the natural beauty of the ocean and lush green mountains. Every now and then, you may want to adventure to a darker, sensual, more gritty place. Tonight, that place will be Bacchus Waikiki.

It's time to break out your leather and fetish wear. Tonight is GEAR NIGHT at Bacchus. We pay homage to San Francisco's Up Your Alley Fair (also known as the Dore Alley Fair) where men and women in gear proudly parade, shop, gawk, preen, meet and "touch." Don't know what to wear? Check out our post from Tuesday.

What will GEAR NIGHT be like?

You hold the key! Come show off your stuff. It's all in play: leather, rubber, military, sport, wrestling, furry, puppy, neoprene and any other kink you're proud to display. There's an event in NYC and SF called Brüt that is an inspiration. Take a look.

The sensuality, the driving beat, the drinks all resulting in good times.

Come show off your gear. A simple leather wrist band (or more) will automatically enter you into a $100 Mr. S Leather gift card drawing. Do it. You'll be glad you did.

Trivia night is Monday, August 1st. Girlfriend Edition (because it's National Girlfriend Day- there'll be some questions about gal pals). Do you know the name of the Piper's girlfriend on Orange is the New Black? Or did you know that Cagney and Lacey weren't lesbian lovers? They just looked like lesbian lovers- and that Lacey (played by Tyne Daly) was married and liked to bake bread? Who knew?! Now you do! Join us 8/1 at 7pm. Prizes are awarded through the night.