Countdown to Trivia Night

Sevens are everywhere today! It's 07/07 and our 7 rounds of trivia start at 7PM. Tequila is $5 all day, but a top shelf margarita is $7.

What will the trivia questions be about? 

They won't be about the seven seas or the seven continents.
They won't be about seven brides or seven brothers.
Nor will they be about the seven hills of Rome or the seven wonders of the Ancient world.
They won't be about the seven virtues or that seventh Brady Bunch kid cast when Cindy was getting too old to be cute. They definitely won't be about the seven inches (real or imagined) of that porn performer (we think the term "star" usually overstates the reality). 

Enough hints? Hope so. Give trivia a try. Join us! It's free and fun!