Guy Pals

In honor of National Girlfriends Day (August 1st), today's blog post will (strangely) salute guy pals– you know, the guys who are gay guys best pals. If you are yearning for gal pals, check out our Trivia Night tonight at 7PM. Questions will range from the capital cities of small Mediterranean island countries to the US censored lesbian relationship of the friends of a popular 1990s Japanese manga series character.

Have you ever hugged (we mean extended hugs) a guy friend? Kissed him? More?

Was it awkward?

Probably more for him than you.
American men, in an attempt to avoid any possible hint of committing unwanted sexual touch, are foregoing gentle platonic touch in their lives. We can go for days or weeks at a time without touching another human being. The implications of touch isolation for men’s health and happiness are huge. Fortunately, in Hawaii, the manly embrace is common practice. And touching someone doesn't mean we're going to wind up in bed with him.

For many of us as young men, if we made attempts at gentle platonic contact with another young man, we faced a very real risk of homophobic backlash either by that person or by those who witness the contact. This is, in part, because all contact by men was defined as sexual until proven otherwise. Can we deny it? Sure.

Here are some guy pals whose friendships went beyond simple touching.

Was that so bad? :-)

Are we getting used to it? Put ten straight people in the room when two men touch a moment too long, and someone will make a mean joke, express distaste, or even pick a fight.

We need to empower men to touch (non-sexually). We need to fix our sexually repressed/obsessed American culture and put an end to distorted and hateful parts of our culture that allow homophobic people to police all men everywhere down to the very tips of our fingertips.

So raise a glass and hug your fellow man.

Margaritas are $3 today at Bacchus. Play trivia with us tonight at 7PM and hug it out with the winning team. Or kiss them. :-)