Eye Contact

Drink $6 Absolut with us today and watch the Olympics! Tonight, DJ/VJ Matt heats up the room with his special brand of music plus videos that'll make you wanna look some more...speaking of looking.....

Eye language is a very important indicator of the feelings between two individuals; it's a great way to tell the difference between flirting vs. true affection. Think of how you interact with your friends. Most of the time, eye contact is made during face-to-face conversation, but it is casual and frequently broken over the course of the exchange. If he makes prolonged and sustained eye contact, on the other hand, it could mean that something beyond friendship is afoot. Another indicator is if he mirrors your body language while you talk, extending the sense of closeness you both feel.

These types of actions — whether they’re performed consciously or not — could mean that he’s trying to catch your eye in a romantic sense. He’s probably hoping you’ll notice him as something more than a fun friend.

Use Your Eyes

When a guy is walking toward you, use the steps above to flirt with him. But, instead of dropping your eyes, keep his glance until you pass him. Once this happens, do what I call the "double look back":

  1. Slow your walking pace and look back over your shoulder.
  2. Hold your look to see if he also glances back. If he does, you've got him.
  3. For those who want a little more assurance that he's interested, keep walking then glance again. If he responds with yet another lookback, then he's ready to talk.
  4. Slowly turn around and either stop or walk towards him.
  5. Once you are face to face, start your small talk.

Offense and "smooth cool" wins the game of flirting. You only have a few seconds to capture his attention and keep it, so make the most of it and don't forget to be smooth. You'll likely end up with a smooch or more. :-)

Come to Bacchus and work on your eye contact flirting with a guy you have a crush on (or a friend- just to practice). And drink with us! There's never a cover and it's always a good time!