Suddenly, Last Summer - Part 1

Saturday at Bacchus means Tuki's got a surprise in store for the make-your-own bloody mary bar. David's gonna keep you company all afternoon and Luke, Brett and Robson have you covered tonight. DJ Kuya spins at 10PM. Oh, and Jack Daniels is $6....which reminds us of this story about Pax and Ripley and how they met…

It was midnight and Pax stood naked at his window in the Marriott and saw a shadow within the shadows, darkness in the darkness. He thought it might be a person lingering, but it might also have been a shadow of a small tree. He lowered the blinds and walked back toward the bedroom, reached down and grabbed the remote and pressed MUSIC.

The first sounds of a Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto bounced off the walls. He stretched then sat on the edge of the bed then fell back letting the music envelop him. The strains in the music grew and it became a cyclone in his imagination. He was the center and he could imagine it all swirling around him. The music faded, the cyclone slowed and Pax fell to sleep.

He awoke to the tri-tone chime from Grindr or Scruff or of them. Curiosity got the best of him and he rolled over and took a look at his iPad. It was only 12:12.

Scruff. Of course. A "woof" and a message. A new face he hadn't seen before. Cute.

Pax was excited — the way he always got when there was the slight chance of a hookup with a cute guy. Ripley's pix were hot. If he really looked like his pix, damn! The wild thoughts going through his Pax's head surged like Rachmaninoff's piano keys. He put on some shorts, a tank and flip flops, grabbed his phone and left the hotel room.

In his excitement to meet up, he forgot his wallet. And his room key.

He got to the front desk and panicked as a group of Japanese tourists were filing in from an airport mini bus. He wasn't gonna miss this chance for a hookup with a hottie. He needed that room key. So he sprinted from the elevator to the front desk and stepped in front of a woman approaching the desk to check in.

The front desk clerk was kind and got Pax his room key quickly. He took the elevator back up to his room and got his wallet and headed on back down. Alone in the elevator, he glanced at himself in the mirrored walls and saw that he needed to cool down, he was hyped up.

During the short walk to Bacchus, he knew a few slow inhalations and exhalations would get his blood pressure back down.

As he walked up the stairs, Pax got his ID ready to show the doorman, handed it to him, got it back, then went in. It was more crowded than he expected. But he noticed Ripley right away.

He couldn't miss that handsome face and winsome smile with those bright teeth- Ripley looked like his pix- better than his pix.

Ripley greeted Pax with a hug and they exchanged pleasantries. They both ordered Jack & Coke and laughed when they revealed to each other that it was the only cocktail they ever drank. Ripley put the drinks on his tab.

Stepping away from the bar, they found an area to sit on the side racks and while the DJ's music pumped energy into the air, the two young men were getting to know each other.

The spark was obvious to anyone who saw. Soon their lips were locked in wet kiss that seemed to last for 5 minutes.

Pax felt a spark ignite inside him. He didn't know if it was the Jack Daniels or lust, but he felt something for Ripley. It was different.... He didn't want to have a quick hookup and mess up the chance of a meaningful relationship.

He asked Ripley to meet him the next day to go to the beach and he agreed. They left the bar together and said good night with a lusty kiss at the front door of the Marriott.

Back in his room, Pax was excited and thrilled about the prospect of spending a day alone with Ripley. He turned on the music again and walked over to the window and looked down at the spot he had seen a shadow before.

The familiar shape was there again. He couldn't make it out clearly, but he thought it might be Ripley waiting for a wave...saying good night again. Pax switched on a bedside lamp and then stood by the window again.

Casually he stripped off his shirt and threw it on the bed. Then he stretched his arms straight out from his sides, twisting his compact torso back and forth. He slid off his shorts as his left hand rubbed his chest. He turned to the side and showed off his impressive profile. He knew he was in silhouette and he wanted to put on a show. He was glad that Ripley was watching.

Or was he?

Part 2, Next Saturday.