Bacchus Opened on August 14, 2011!

Yup. That's what the bar at Bacchus looked like in the summer of 2011 as we were finishing construction and prepping for our August 14th Grand Opening.

Five years later, a little wear and tear, but we think we've held up nicely. 

So today, we kick off our month-long celebration of our 5 year anniversary....culminating in our anniversary party on Sunday, September 11 at 4pm. Everyone is welcome.

Join in early on the celebration. Snap a selfie or take a smiling pic of you and your friends holding up your 5 fingers - sorta like "Stop! In the name of love" Supremes-style. (bonus if you draw - or temporary tattoo - a Bacchus B on your palm.

and post the image on Instagram with a #Bacchus5.

We'll collect them and start a gallery for all to see.

We offer sincerest thanks to you, the customers — the loyal ones, the occasional ones and the ones that just discover us by chance.

Oh, and for those TRIVIA buffs, the 5 year anniversary gift is traditionally WHAT? Forget about that modern interpretation. And when you figure it out, feel free to give us a photo.....NAUGHTY BACCHUS!!!!!

Come drink with us today. Tuki's got Bloody Marys and the Olympics for you starting at 9AM. The Aloha Bears check in for their monthly catamaran cruise and come back after for a feast. We'll be showing all the events you want to see and offering up the finest Aloha in town. There's never a cover charge and it's always fun at the 5 year old Bacchus Waikiki!

We hope you'll come to our 5th Anniversary party on September 11. And for those of you who are wondering - yes we thought about the date and decided not to alter our tradition of celebrating our anniversary on the second Sunday in September....we'll mourn those lost on this day in 2001 in our own individual ways.....but if we halt/interrupt/disrupt our plans because of that tragic event - then, as the saying goes, the terrorists have won.

Bacchus is dedicated to delivering outstanding drinks, music, fun and service. We've stayed true to our mission from the start and use as a guidepost for all of our current and future plans and decisions.