Ask Bacchus: What's a Beer Cocktail?

A reader wants to know if there are such things as
"beer cocktails."

Of course. Beer, like other alcohols, mixes well with some flavors and doesn't mix well with others. Here are some ideas to try at Bacchus:


1 part Bourbon
1 part Sour Mix (or lemonade)
3 parts light beer

The End Zone is light refreshing and boozy. The three liquids are stirred gently together. They're just the right flavors for sipping on a sunny afternoon - sitting outside on the lanai at Bacchus - watching the shirtless surfers passing by....


Equal parts Champagne and Guinness

Surprisingly tasty and satisfying. This drink was invented to honor the passing of Britain's Prince Albert in the 1880s. The Guinness is poured without a head, then the champagne is layered (or poured over the back of a spoon) on top of the beer.

2oz Campari
12oz Light Beer
Squeeze of Lime

It sounds simple, and it is. But there’s something surprising that happens when the yeasty, lightly sweet flavor of beer bumps up against bitter orange Campari: the first softens the second, and the second smartens up the first. Together with the brightness of lime, it’s complex and a little sophisticated, but still entirely everyday stuff.

There are so many other options, but try these three first to see if the beer cocktail is one for you- then explore some more.

Today is Tap Tuesday, so if just plain beer (without the mixer) is what you're after, our tap offerings are just $2 all day and all night.

If you're vying for that something special, turn it in to a beer cocktail for a few bucks more.