Suddenly, Last Summer - Part 2

Saturday at Bacchus means $6 for Jack Daniels. It also means DJ Takai is gonna rock the house. Show up tonight and get your photo taken for the BacchusHi5 album. Never a cover. Always fun. Join us!

Here's the next installment on Pax & Ripley - two guys who met up at Bacchus and started an unforgettable hot summer romance. If you missed the beginning of their story, read Part 1.

Pax put on a show for the man in the shadows. He stood in profile and traced the fingers of his hands over his abs. Up and down. He pressed the side of his torso against the glass. His breath in hot gasps fogged up the window and his right fist caressed his abs lower and lower.

He turned to face the window and broadened his stance. His heart was pounding. He grasped the window frame and looked directly at where the man in the shadow's eyes were.

The "Scruff message" alert from his phone distracted him briefly, then two chimes more followed quickly.

He wondered who might be sending him messages at this time and thought it might be any horny guy leaving any bar looking for a hookup.

He kept up his performance and two minutes later, excited by the thrill of exhibitionism and the thought he was showing off for Ripley, his muscles clenched and then it was all over.

He looked down at the shadow. It was gone.

Curious. Pax wondered why Ripley would have disappeared. He thought he might have gone too far by his blatant exhibitionism and taking it all the way. His thoughts then flipped 180- maybe Ripley was booted by the valet or some cop or someone was walking by and would have looked where he was looking and he wanted my show to be special just for him.

Whatever the reason- he was happy he did it. He knew that because Ripley had watched that Ripley had a kinky side and that turned Pax on. He thought that they would have lots of fun together- clothed and unclothed.

Soon Pax was thinking about the next day at the beach. Would he wear his Speedo and show off his abs and package or would he be more conservative. He settled on the Speedo rationalizing that he had already show off his junk to Ripley and there was no mystery hiding it in board shorts.

After quick trip to the sink to wipe up, Pax plopped on the bed and before closing his eyes for the night, he took one last look at his iPad.

There were three messages from Ripley…

Lots of thoughts and feelings swirled around in his head. Pax was embarrassed and wierded out and excited at the same time.

He thought: Who was the guy looking at him? How was it that Ripley knew who it was? Did Ripley care that he had just put on a solo performance for someone that he knew? Why did he just do that?

It took a while, but Pax drifted off into a restless sleep and had fitful dreams of piano trills and shadows and kissing Ripley over and over and over. In those dreams RIpley would be the man in the shadows. Crowds would gather and cheer him on and then form a human ladder that Ripley would climb to his hotel window.

He woke to a knock on the door and then it opened and a heavy accented voice bellowed, "Housekeeping!"

Pax shooed her away then looked at the bedside clock. 9:40. Damn! He only had 20 minutes to get ready. Excited with anticipation about spending the day with Ripley, he bolted out of bed with a burst of energy. He got down naked on the floor and proceeded to do 100 crunches. He wanted to look good for Ripley.

Pax got dressed in his Speedo and shorts and a tank top. He packed his bag, grabbed his room key and went downstairs. He arrived at the front door to see Ripley's smiling face.

Walking up to him, "God, you're so handsome!" Pax told Ripley as he gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Thanks sexy. Ready to go?" Ripley smiled. "Follow me."

"I've got everything I need now. You might have to rub sunscreen all over me, though.... "

Ripley took Pax to the side street where a convertible grey jeep was parked. A handsome man sat in the back seat.

Pax turned to Ripley with a quizzical look.

Ripley smirked, "He's certainly seen all of you already, but I'd like you two to meet in person. Pax this is Bobby."

Part 3, next Saturday.