Ask Bacchus: Trades

A customer has asked about the recent humidity in Hawaii, wondering if it's typical and regular. Here's our trade winds primer:

Winds typically blow along the surface of the ocean toward Hawaii from the northeast. Those are what we call the trade winds. They got their name from the early traders who sailed all over the world, became familiar with the winds and used them well for navigation and speed.

When there are no trade winds in Hawaii, we get Kona winds, which bring the vog (volcanic fog) from the Big Island to the other islands, especially Maui and Oahu. They can bring warm and muggy conditions to Hawaii. Locals dread the Kona winds. If you are vacationing here, you may not notice the difference and wonder at those of us on the beaches and streets who are fanning ourselves and complaining about the humidity.

When the tradewinds have gone (temporarily), the humidity rises and we're all seeking to cool off in the ocean…

Or in the coolest spot with the most refreshing drinks: Bacchus Waikiki!

August can be the hottest month in Hawaii. The temperatures soar and one can crave something chilled and tangy. If you are not a teetotaler and have no religious inhibitions, a pint of chilled beer is an excellent antidote on a hot summer day.

A cold pint is closest to the best thing in a man's life.

Grab your friends and climb that one flight of stairs and enjoy $2 tap beer in the air conditioned splendor of Bacchus — all day and all night.

All said and done beer is a great refresher and a perfect accompaniment to any type of food. And we've got Baker + Butcher gourmet sandwiches for $4. Try a Butcher's Cut roast beef, a bmoked bacon BLT, a turkey pesto or a roasted pork banh mi. Delicious.