Let's Do This Together

Economics and Health 101: Margaritas are $3 at Bacchus today and every Monday. Baker + Butcher gourmet sandwiches are $4 every day. Keep hydrated and well-fed at Bacchus today all for less than $10! Enjoy the air-conditioned splendor of Bacchus Waikiki - today and always.

This past weekend was a blast…approaching of the end of August, we're squeezing the best out of the summer. Good times, good friends, good stories. We welcomed back friends who'd been away - some for work, some for play. We celebrated milestones and birthdays.

Through it all, Robson, Brett, Luke, Malcolm, Richard, David, Joey, Shane, Matt, Kuya and Takai were happy to serve up the best Aloha that Honolulu has to offer.

Our 5th Anniversary party is quickly approaching and up until that day (09/11), we're taking photos of your "Hi 5's" and tagging them with #BacchusHi5. Feel free to take your own, tag and post.

Join us today for some margaritas, music and fun. Mondays are best when we do them together at Bacchus Waikiki!