Suddenly, Last Summer - Part 3

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Here's the third installment on Pax & Ripley - an exhibitionist and voyeur who met at Bacchus and began a romance. If you missed the beginning of their story, read parts 1 & 2.

"Hi Bobby…" Pax giggled nervously. "Are you the guy who's been lurking outside my window?"

"Yup. You're quite the entertainer!" Bobby smiled an evil grin. "I was watching you the other night and Rip texted me and I told him about you and he found you on Scruff..."

Pax was somewhat embarrassed, but somewhat turned on and intrigued. Too bad it wasn't Ripley who he was showing off for. And, he was still wondering how Bobby fit into the day he was going to have with Ripley. A hot threeway perhaps?

"So you came back last night for another show?" Pax's voice rising as he asked the question.

"Why not, man. You've got a beautiful package and seems like you get turned on by showing off, so I'm up for checking you out. Rip doesn't mind," Bobby countered.

Ripley got into the driver's seat and buckled up. Pax sat beside him; Bobby straddled the middle of the back seat. The Jeep started up and made its way through Waikiki traffic toward the Ala Wai.

Pax turned to Ripley, "So you guys are friends? More?"

"Bobby and me? We're just buddies, nothing more. We used to date, but we're friends now. You're probably wondering why he's here," Ripley acknowledged. "I'm just driving him back home, sort of a 'drive of shame' - he slept in town last night and called me to come get him this morning."

As the conversation continued, it became clear to Pax that Ripley and Bobby were good friends who had each other's backs. They were obviously close and shared a lot of memories. 

The Jeep made its way onto a highway and soon wound its way along the windward side of Oahu after passing Hawaii Kai and Hanauma Bay. To Pax, new to this part of the island, the views were spectacular.

"Bobby lives in a town called Waimanalo, it's just up the road here a few miles. We'll hit the beach near his house. Great waves and good soft sand," Bobby shouted over the sounds of engine and strong winds blowing.

About 15 minutes later, the car pulled into a small gridded neighborhood abutting a the shoreline. They parked the car on the grass next to an abandoned house. 

Bobby grabbed his bag and hopped out. "Do you guys mind if I hang with you at the beach for a while? I could use a quick dip to get last night's man off of me."

Ripley laughed and looked toward Pax with a raised eyebrow, "Is this okay? I know you were planning a twosome, but I think Bobby will head home in a little bit. Right Bobby????" Ripped emphasized the words so he was sure his friend got the hint. "He just lives right over there," pointing toward the mountains.

"Yeah, dude, no problem. I mean, I like to watch, but…" His voice trailed off and he broke out into a loud guffaw that put Pax at ease.

"Nice to see you out of the shadows, sexy..." Pax said to Bobby and winked. Wondering if there was a threeway in store.

"I'm just the looker, he's the taker. He wants you, man," Bobby pointed to Ripley.

The three young men walked a short shaded path from the street to toward the beach. Arriving at the end of the path, Pax saw through the edge of a wooded area to an expansive bay with crystal clear water and white sand. There was a smattering of people in the sand and in the water. Bobby dropped his bag near a large dead fallen tree and bounded toward the water, kicking his flipflops off along the way while taking his shirt off and letting it fall on the sand. He dove in.

Pax and Ripley were alone, looking out to the ocean. They turned toward each other and smiled. Pax felt a spark and leaned in and kissed Ripley on the lips. A slow sensual, 'I want you badly' kiss.

There was so much unsaid between the two. To Pax: Ripley was a great kisser and a sexy man who knew that Pax was an exhibitionist. AND his best friend had watched him jack off in his hotel window the night before. To Ripley: Pax was a sexy man who he knew he could fall for quickly and hard. He was a man who excited his inner voyeur, a man who could help loosen up his mind and spirit.

But they stood there kissing. For five minutes. During their makeout session, a few people walked by and noticed, but didn't say anything. The fact that people were watching excited Pax and somewhat intimidated Ripley, so he pulled away.

"Let's go swimming," Ripley said to cover his nervousness.

"I need some sunscreen first," Pax said as he stripped off his shorts to reveal his hot black Speedo and ample bulge. One moment later, he lost his balance and fell over, face down in the sand. The sand stuck to his body in a sexy way...

The two men again looked at each other intently. They knew they were falling for each other quickly. There was a connection. Something special.

The sunscreen spray was applied generously and the two made their way into the ocean. The morning hours passed quickly as they enjoyed swimming and body surfing with Bobby in the waves at Waimanalo. Soon the sun was directly overhead and the three men were laying on the sand, in the shade. The cool breezes and the sounds of the ocean lulled them into a brief sleep.

Bobby broke the silence, "Pax, you're a great guy with a nice tool and a hot bod! Nice to meet you. Take care of my buddy today. It's 1 o'clock. I'm out. Rip, text you later."

And with that he loped off back toward the path and was soon out of sight.

"He keeps talking about your nice tool," Ripley jabbed Pax. "From what I can tell, it's a keeper."

Pax laughed out loud. "It's the only one I have, so I'll keep it!"

They looked at each other again. Pax noticed that Ripley was wearing board shorts that almost covered his knees. He wondered out loud, "Does anyone ever get naked at the beach here?"

"No, not here," Ripley replied.

"So there's a place where people do swim naked on this island?"

"A few places, but I've never actually swam naked before."

"You're fucking kidding. It's the most amazing feeling."

"Well, swimming naked is usually paired up with sunbathing naked and there are lots of guys at 'nude' beaches that are just there to gawk and have sex. Not my thing," Ripley said.

"But you like to look at naked guys, right?" Pax asked.

"Of course. What self-respecting gay guy doesn't? But I wish there was a place that we could go, just you and me." Riplyy wondered.

"I've heard of a place here, that, if you go at the right time- you have a lagoon and beach all to yourself and you can do whatever you want. A place called Goat Island."

Ripley was interested. More than interested. He wanted more alone time with Pax. More 'everything' with Pax. They agreed to go to Goat Island.

Ripley looked up info on his smartphone and saw that it'd be about a 45 minute drive. He suggested stopping for food at Keneke's down the road. After a brief and filling plate lunch (child size) the two were off on the road again.

Pax took the time to stop along the road to show off some of the sites on Oahu's windward side. Chinaman's Hat and a nice neighborhood in Haaula. It was about 3:30 when they reached the parking lot in the State Park adjacent to Goat Island.

They left their backpacks in the car and carrying just their towels, they headed toward the edge of the water and eyed Goat Island 200 yards off shore. They could see there was nobody there.

With their towels raised over their heads, they walked into the rocky water glad they were both wearing tough-soled sandals and stepped cautiously as shallow waves crashed against them from both right and left. Ten minutes later they were on Goat Island and walked toward a sandy curve of sand and a beautiful lagoon that faced northwest.

They laid their towels down on the sand. They were the only ones there.

"Let's get naked and go swimming," Pax excitedly blurted out.

Ripley's eyebrows furrowed, "I think people can still see us from shore."

"If we're naked and they're looking then they're voyeurs and they're getting off on looking at naked guys. Plus, you already know, I like being looked at," Pax countered.

"There's a lot to like," Ripley smiled looking at Pax's crotch.

"Swimming naked, RIpley, it feels amazing. Just you and the water, with nothing between you. It feels so freeing."

"Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun. I think you're really going to enjoy it." Ripley silently thought, "I know I will..." Already, unbidden, predictions of their naked bodies were filling his mind.

Seconds ticked past silently. Pax took a deep breath. Looked like it was up to him to initiate things. He reached down and took off his shorts and Speedo, tossing them onto a towel.

It was one thing to be naked when everyone else was, or in the thrill of the alcohol-marinated moment in a hotel room. It was another to be soberly and singularly nude in front of a new guy in the light of day. Pax was completely exposed before Ripley, and he was making little attempts to hide his gaze. He was also uncomfortably aware that he was a rather less impressive male specimen than he would have liked, thanks to the ocean breeze. Ripley's looks felt like a physical force, roaming across his body as he observed every detail. Slightly embarassed, Pax resisted the urge to cover his dick with his hands and instead said, "Let's go," leading the way into the water.

Pax lept over some shallow shore waves and dove in. It was incredible.

The water enveloped him, the ocean against his bare flesh. He thought, how could anyone stand a swimsuit after experiencing the water this way?

He emerged from the water. Ripley, still in his board shorts, was still only up to his knees, watching him. Pax waved him over. "Come on, dude. You've gotta get used to it eventually. It's not skinny dipping unless you're actually naked and wet. You're just clothed with wet ankles."

"Fine," Ripley conceded, splashing about until he had reached Pax. The water covered them both, and all of Pax's worries had faded away, replaced with the exhibitionist excitement of being completely nude just a foot away from a beautiful man. If Ripley had just reached forward, he'd be gripping Pax's junk. His vulnerability was excitingly erotic. If they got caught right now, Pax would be the only one exposed. He was entirely at Ripley's mercy.

For a time, they swam and played in the water. As they moved about, Ripley got more than a peek or two at Pax, but he enjoyed the looks. Perhaps Ripley was imagining how big Pax could get.

"So how's the water now?" Pax asked after they had been swimming for a while.

"Still a bit cold, but I don't think I need to tell you that," he said, pointing downwards and giggling.

"Whatever, shrinkage is natural," he said, trying to brush it off. On the inside, though, he wished he was less of a grow-er and more of a show-er at the moment. A lifetime of unwanted boners, and where was one when he needed it?

Pax looked down at Ripley's suit.

"It's easy to comment on me. How about if you took off your swimsuit," Pax observed.

"Yeah? And you're sure you have no ulterior motive for suggesting that?"

"None at all," he lied.

"Well, I guess now's a good a time as any..." He took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. "Here we go..." Ripley turned his back to Pax and slid his fingers into his waistband and slid his trunks down revealing his round, ivory butt cheeks, unkissed by the sun.

Ripley turned around, giggling nervously. Then quickly dove under the water. From that instant and brief glance, Pax had an image of Ripley's package- big dick, big nuts that hung a bit, their weight evident, swinging pendulously. Damn.

Jumping in and out of the water, Ripley frolicked like an excited dolphin.

"How's it feel?" Pax asked.

"Amazing!" he gushed. "It just feels incredible. It's so freeing. This is just what I needed. I feel...unleashed! Thank you so much for taking me here Pax!" Ripley stepped forward and embraced Pax tightly, their chests pressing together, hard nipples poking each other firmly, bodies skin to skin as Ripley's crotch briefly pushed against Pax's before he pulled back. "Whoops. Sorry about that. Forgot I was naked for a second."

"It's okay. I don't mind."

"Yeah, I bet you don't," Ripley giggled. He let out a deep breath of air. "Ah, this is just so great. I can't believe it took me so long to finally try this. I'm never wearing a swimsuit again!"

Pax watched as Ripley jumped jubilantly then grabbed his hand and pulled me deeper into the ocean. "Come on, let's keep swimming!" Ripley instructed as Pax meekly followed.

Soon they were tired, Ripley was finally ready to emerge from the waves. Pax followed behind him to the towels picking up his trunks along the water's edge, watching Ripley's thighs and ass move with each step. Pax grabbed his towel and began to dry off, while Ripley did the same, his nuts shaking from side to side as he vigorously dried hia hair.

Now that they were out of the water, Pax was finally able to get his first glimpse of naked Ripley. He peeked quickly, afraid of being caught, but it was enough to see that he was completely smooth and beautiful.



"I'm not ready to head back yet. You mind if we just hang out for a bit?"

"Sure. Just on the sand?" He knew he didn't want to stay too long. Wading back to the shore on those rocks in the dark would not be fun. And the parking lot would close at sunset

"Isn't this a beautiful view?" Ripley asked.

"Uh, yeah, they look great," Pax replied. Odd question...

"They?" He followed Pax's eyes, laughed, and punched him in the arm. "I'm talking about the ocean, not my nuts, pervert. But thanks. I'm glad you think so." But, Pax noticed, shy Ripley made no effort to hide them, nor did Pax bother to look away for a few more seconds.

They sat naked on the sand and Pax noticed a subtle warmth against his hip, emanating from Ripley's pressed-together thighs. Pax lied back on the sand. The waves lapped at his toes and he rubbed Ripley's back.

Ripley leaned back and stretched his arms in a yawn and looked down. "Oh, damn, you're hard? Wow, that was fast..."

"What do you expect? You're talking about your nuts and you're looking at me."

Ripley leaned over to kiss Pax and soon these two hot men were making out, rolling naked in the sand at the edge of the water.

All was bliss and romance and raw lust.

They looked up toward the setting sun and saw the outline of a man in kayak approaching the shore.

Part 4 - the finale, next Saturday.

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