On the Rocks

Whether it's about love or cocktails, the concept of 'on the rocks' takes on a new twist when we take a look at these hotties posed on rocks:

With the humidity of late August, our customers will be happy to know that our ice machine churns out cubes faster than Usain Bolt in a 100m race. While we eschew blended frozen drinnks, some drinks are just more tasty on the rocks. Try a vodka/soda or a rum/coke or a Long Island iced tea- unimaginable without the glass jam packed with icy cubes.

Let your mind wander about the eroticism of ice cubes and…

Dream of what you would do - given the chance....

Back to business: Our most popular Monday cocktail - the $3 Margarita. On the rocks with salt.

Drink with us today. Your Monday can only get better if you do. :-)