A Focus on Flexibility

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As the athletes prepare for the Olympic games in Rio, most are at their peak fitness. What that means varies depending on the individual sport. We will see all body types competing.

The diversity of body types in the image above reminds us that our perception of what is healthy needs to expand. While each of these bodies may reflect a different level of flexibility, they've all reached their fitness level through hard work and stretching.

Stretching has so many benefits including better range of motion, increased energy, increased flexibility, improved posture, relaxation and stress relief.

The science behind fitness and health is wild, crazy and ever changing. One minute a study supports a particular claim, then next it's the worst thing you could humanly do to or for yourself. Sometimes you'll even find the same questions looming around the industry with mixed reviews, perspectives and findings.

Experts agree that stretching, when done correctly, can improve your health. In general, there are two major types of stretching – dynamic and static stretching.

Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic stretching involves putting muscles through their full range of motion by way of mobilizing the joints to which the muscles attach. Good examples of the movements would be leg swings, arm circles and spiderman walks. Dynamic stretching will elevate the muscles’ temperature, and ramp the nervous system.

Static Stretching
The typical “stretch – and – hold” method is simply known as static stretching. In this type, we strategically stretch a muscle group such as the quads, triceps or abdominals. This stretch when held for more than 10 seconds will fire the nerves to energize the muscles.

Work some stretches into your every day routine. It will energize you and increase your flexibility.

Finally, stay hydrated and think about getting a massage; it can also help with your flexibility. :-)

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