Ask Bacchus: About the Beer Garden…

Today is Tap Tuesday. You have to take advantage of our discounted pints. All 12 are offered up for $2 today/tonight. You'll never wanna drink anywhere else on a Tuesday! :-)

Someone recently asked about the upcoming LeiBear Day Weekend and the events at the bar - including our super-special, outdoor extravaganza: the Bacchus Beer Garden.

First and foremost, all LeiBear Day Weekend events are open to everyone regardless of physical size, amount of body hair, sexual preference or gender.

Here's some photos from the 2015 Lei Bear Day Weekend Beer Garden (click to enlarge).

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Bacchus is not a bear bar, Bacchus is an "EVERYONE IS WELCOME" bar. At our small, cozy establishment, customers are welcome to be themselves, no pretense- and we find that the bear "community" is the most friendly, accepting and welcoming - so they're a natural fit for our space. But the definition of that community along physical attributes is also expanding/blurring. Bears are about accepting, loving and giving!

So, yes! Bacchus will host the FREE Meet & Greet Party on Thursday, 09/01 from 7PM - 10PM, and, it goes without saying, ALL ARE WELCOME.

And, yes! Bacchus will host the FREE Pre-Booze Cruise gathering on Saturday, 09/03 starting at 11:30AM, and it goes without saying, ALL ARE WELCOME.

And, most importantly: YES! Bacchus will host the FREE Beer Garden event on Saturday, 09/03 starting at 3PM.

All are welcome to show off their sun kissed bodies and drink with new and old buddies. The outdoor beer garden will be open for all; more space to lounge, relax, and swap stories. 

A special city permit allows us to take over the courtyard area between the stairwells for the afternoon at 408 Lewers Street and set up a mini bar with booze and beer (plastic cups only). It's a chance to enjoy the sunlight and outdoor area and schmooze with your fellow drinkers.

What if it rains?
We are anticipating to be side-swiped by two tropical storm/hurricanes this coming weekend. The event will still take place, but indoors - with lots of fun distractions to keep you happy. Check The Aloha Bears facebook page for updates on changes due to weather conditions.

For all the details of LeiBear Day Weekend and/or to purchase a weekend package or individual event tickets, visit