Olá Brazil

Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Nations at Bacchus this afternoon. We've got $6 Absolut all day and Hawaii's hottest DJ Takai at 10PM.

The world turns its focus to Brazil today as the 2016 Olympic Summer Games open in Rio de Janiero. We will learn so much about the country over the next 16 days.

And the entire spectacle promises to be unlike any other. Here's what we already know about the Brazilians:

They are sports fanatics. When it comes to their national passion, fútbol, Brazilians are unrivaled in their zeal. They've been producing soccer stars for half a century. On the volleyball courts (indoor and beach) Brazilians have played so well in so many championships, they are usually the powerhouse to beat.

They know how to party. Every year for Mardi Gras, the Brazilians host Carnaval do Brasil. It's an orgy or parades and festivals with scantily clad revelers show off their bodies and celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. This is a party like no other in the world.

The people (and we focus on the men) are gorgeous. Brazilian genes are at the crossroads of Portuguese, Spanish, German and other South American countries. The combination results in a dark, handsome, lithe and delicious man.

Enjoy the eye candy and come to Bacchus today and tonight to enjoy some delicious cocktails, bounce to Takai's beats and watch some of the broadcast from Rio. Hello Brazil.