Shirts vs Skins

You might need a stiff cocktail after you take in these photos. It is Margarita Monday; for $3 you can enjoy a delicious drink with or without a salty rim.

The gymnasts below did not achieve their fitness level without a tremendous amount of time in the gym with salty sweaty workouts. Watch them compete today; we're showing the broadcast of the games at Bacchus.

US Olympic gynmast Jake Dalton* stated the obvious when he explained people obsessed with working out look to them as inspiration. "We have great physiques," he said. "Incredible physiques." Whenever the U.S. men's team posts an Instagram without their shirts, commenters go crazy — and for good reason. These guys are seriously ripped as a result of all their hard work. The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan and even Perez Hilton have all recently covered this story.

Check out these enticing photos of gymnasts present and past and ponder as to whether they should compete shirtless or with no clothes at all. :-)

To all the male gymnasts in Rio: we wish you well as you compete today. We look forward to seeing more of you. :-)

*Probably a name/quote you want to remember for TRIVIA night on 8/15. :-)