Ask Bacchus: Is Bacchus a Bear Bar?

Recently, Pete came to town from Maine and met up with a local guy through Scruff. They went on hikes and went to the beach and were planning to meet out at some of the bars in Honolulu. Curious, Pete asked about each bar and what kind of guys hung out there.

Pete told us that his local friend told him that Bacchus is a Bear bar. Hmmm. Interesting.

Is Bacchus a Bear bar?

Bacchus is an EVERYBODY bar.

Gay men often use descriptive terms to identify and label other men within the wider gay community. No doubt you’ve heard the labels, like jock, twink, otter, bear, cub, wolf, and so forth. But many gay men often wonder what these terms actually mean.

Many men, when they first realize that they are gay, don't feel comfortable with the prevailing standard defining stereotypes of what a gay man should be or look like.

Of all the subgroups, Bear culture is the most accepting of men and all their foibles and flaws. And it goes beyond the physical stereotypes (large, hairy, etc.).

Bear culture has an attitude that we aspire to match: welcoming, friendly and nonjudgmental.

And shouldn't all businesses be like that?

We welcome men of all sizes. Yes, we are involved with Lazy Bear Weekend and happily host The Aloha Bears monthly pre- and post- catamaran cruise event. We have also welcomed other groups to hold events at the bar including H4, The Hawaii Gay Flag Football League and the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu.

You will find men of all talents, shapes and sizes at Bacchus. Come by and see for yourself. Enjoy $2 tap beer today and every Tuesday.

And enjoy Trivia night next Monday where there just might be questions about the catchphrase "Consume mass quantities." And it has nothing to do with Bears. :-)