Ask Bacchus: Comings & Goings

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A customer was asking about the comings and goings of staff members at Bacchus and wondering what it was all about. Of course every business experiences ebb and flow, but…

Everyone loves to hear a good story…

First, we would like to wave hello to Chris, Shane, Bill and Andrew. We are so excited to work with them and have you get to know them better.

Each of these handsome men come to Bacchus with their own unique story and hopefully, you'll get to know them as well as you've known our other bartenders, barbacks and doormen. We'll be profiling all our staff in this blog in the weeks to come. 

They're joining Brett, Luke, Bryant, Malcolm, Tuki and David and they'll be providing the same outstanding service you've come to expect from Bacchus.

Yes, we've said farewell to a few employees recently. They've left because they've had outstanding opportunities, they've just wanted a change or they've needed to make a move. Even though they're no longer in the office or behind the bar, we will always consider them all a part of the Bacchus family.

Desktop blog viewers can click the pix below to learn where they are now.

Come visit us this week and say hello to the new staff and a fond farewell to Richard.



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