Friday Flirting: Filipino Beauty

Friday, September 16th at Bacchus means $6 Absolut and DJ/VJ Matt at 10PM. Never a cover. Always fun!
Psst: Don't forget to plan for TRIVIA on Monday at 7PM.

For this Flirty Friday, we look west.

The pure Malay men of the Philippines are so handsome and the mestizos (mixed-race) natives match them. Spawned by three centuries under Spanish rule and decades as a Japanese colony and American rule, and an open culture that welcomed other races, the mixed-race beauty is unquestionable.

Research on these men has led us down a rabbit hole to discover how "pageant" obsessed the Philippine culture is. And, although the current Miss Universe is from Colombia, um....we mean, the Philippines :-) --- we're talking about MALE BEAUTY PAGEANTS.

Today, we offer a photo gallery tribute to the beauty of Filipino men. Pageant winners, Pop stars and more. Enjoy.

At Bacchus we appreciate the beauty of the male form and emphasize that there are beautiful men right here in Hawaii - Filipinos and others. We know that perception of beauty in photos does not always translate to inner or actual beauty. We love men from all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. You are all welcome at Bacchus. :-)

MONDAY TRIVIA HINT removed on Saturday 9/17.