Shake. Stir. Sip.

Shake up your Saturday and come to Bacchus to watch college football games in the morning or to escape the street fair madness of the late afternoon. Then stay for tonight's rafter-raising romp put on by DJ Takai at 10PM. Never a cover. Always a good time!

What's better: a cocktail that is shaken or stirred?

Some bartenders have a chip on their shoulders when it comes cocktails. Shaking waters it down, they say. Stirring is better. James Bond is a pussy. (Remember in Casino Royale, when he was sitting naked in that wicker chair without a seat and that nasty guy was beating his, um……well, "jewels"? Here's a reminder.)

We've seen subjective tests of the shaken vs. stirred debate before—the Mythbusters confirmed that you can taste the difference. But is that due to temperature, alcohol by volume (ABV), or something else? What about all those ice chips you see in a shaken drink—do they matter?

Everyone agrees that the stirred drinks taste much stronger.

And if they make you stronger, well…

Economical drinkers usually want the most booze for the buck, so it would seem stirring is the way to go. But do you want your drink to taste strong? Maybe not.

Shaking a drink definitely waters it down. And, research also reveals that diluted drinks actually get you drunk faster than straight drinks.

But who doesn't like getting tipsy every now and then…

But a martini glass is only so big. In bars, what doesn't fit into a glass gets poured out. A 4-ounce martini that's 30 percent water simply has less vodka in it than a 4-ounce martini that's 15 percent water.

So forget James Bond and his "shaken, not stirred" mantra. He was probably just pacing himself so he could fight/screw someone in the next scene OR this guy…

But there is a time to shake a drink.

Most bartenders go by this general rule: Cocktails that have juice, dairy, or egg whites should be shaken. Shaking aerates these cocktails in a pleasing way, creating a nice frothy effect. It's almost like making a meringue. In contrast, cocktails that only use spirits—such as martinis and Manhattans—should be stirred. A stirred Manhattan is strong, clear, and beautiful. Have you ever seen a shaken Manhattan? Not pretty.

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No matter how you enjoy your cocktail, the bartenders at Bacchus will always make it the way you ask. Today, Jack Daniels is on special for $6- what a deal! Drink with us. Come for the coolness, stay because we treat you nicely. :-)

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