Ready For Prime Time

Today, We've got NFL all day from 7AM to 5PM. Tonight, we're showing the Primetime Emmy Awards at 7PM.

Join us!

One of the highlights of our past television season viewing was Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. With a sharp intake of breath, he started Season Six off with a bang. We love to ogle him in all of his shirtless glory. And imagine what would happen if we had him strapped to the ceiling.....ahhhhh :-) Throwback a few stiff shots of whisky and let your mind wander!

Tonight, besides being the object of many a man's fantasy, he's nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Join us and see if he wins. :-)

And enjoy additional views of this handsome hunk from England. He's said to have an on-again/off-again relationship with his former co-star, wilding Rose Leslie, but in our minds, it's OFF. We wish him the best tonight and always.  (click photo to enlarge)

TRIVIA NIGHT HINT removed 9/19.