All For the Booty…

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Blow Me Down

When a pirate says "Blow me down!" he really means, "You don't say? How surprising."
And we''ll bet you're surprised that this blog post isn't about butts! Although if we called you "Butt Pirates," we'd only be saying that you were gay.

Today's post is about Real Pirates :-) Because it's National "TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY."

Bacchus first became enamored with pirates when we heard historic tales of Black Beard. He was a bad boy of epic proportions- mean and overpowering with a beard he set aflame. Fast forward hundreds of years, Errol Flynn swashbuckled his way into our hearts and then even later, after the dawn of MTv, we became enamored with the pirate drag of Adam Ant.

In his Goody Two Shoes video, he pranced about and sang, "You don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?" Suggesting that you're a snore if you're not just a little bit naughty. But the leather pants and shirt tied up and abs exposed made a sexy riff on rock and roll costuming. It was a gimmick that worked. He was a hot pirate.

On the other hand, during the same period Keith Richards was flaunting the pirate look and is credited with inspiring Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, well, his beauty was never all that.

But nowadays, there is lots of sexy hotness to be garnered from the man who pulls off the pirate look just right. But there's a fine line between sexy and silly. And, from these "pirate-styled" photos below, you can see the range of sexy to silly from left to right (or top to bottom if you're viewing on a smart phone).

In 2014, however, the sexy pirate came back with the launching of the Starz network's Black Sails (Today's Trivia Hint).

Three seasons into this dramatic adventure which is a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, find the pirate ship stranded on the shores of Florida with Spanish soldiers guarding it. The New York Times reviews of the show are favorable:

"Starz knows the formula for these costume-heavy action dramas from experience with shows like 'Spartacus' and 'Camelot.' And that formula is executed with particular skill in 'Black Sails,' thanks to some strong performances and an exploration of the consequences of greed that could have come out of modern-day Wall Street."

And the viewers reviews of the 6'5" featured actor Tom Hopper in the role of Billy Bones (photos below) are quite favorable.

Arrrrrgh! Pirates! Yum!

We're attracted to these bad boys because they're sexy and downright fascinating.

The selfish, rule-breaking, impudent and rebellious men draw us in because they're also perceived as brave, independent and self-reliant. Bad boys are fun and nice guys don't offer these thrills.

Be brave and play TRIVIA with us tonight at 7PM. Drinks and snacks and fun!

TRIVIA HINT: Today's trivia hint is included in the copy of today's post. Read it! You'll be glad you did. :-)