Timeout for Danny A.

FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS, we're taking time off from our Thursday TIMELESS series to bring you a new Thursday TIMEOUT series. Each week, we'll feature a handsome hunk from the sporting world who has caught our attention and fueled our fantasies. First up, New England Patriots wide receiver, Danny Amendola. He'll be at Bacchus today — on Thursday Night Football — we'll be broadcasting the game. Join us and enjoy $5 tequila!

Forget your team allegiances. Forget the sports that you love and hate. Appreciate the man. This series is about the pure, unadulterated beauty of the male athlete. Of course, we won't feature him if he's a dickhead in public. We're focusing on men who are the subjects of our fantasies, whether through their pure photogenic handsomeness or their physical prowess.

With all that said, we start off with the classically handsome Danny Amendola. He's a man you'll be proud to introduce to your mother as your lover and future husband.  :-)

It'd go something like this: "Mom, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Danny. He's 30 years old and he's from Texas. We're getting married after the end of the NFL season in February. Then, we're gonna live in Honolulu. And Danny and I will work out every day and he'll play flag football with the guys in the HIGFFL and hang out with me at Bacchus." SIGH.

He looks familiar because he's on the cover of this week's Men's Health. Pick up a copy and read all about his workout regimen and diet. Or just look at the shirtless pictures and fuel your fantasies like we are doing.... :-)

He's not always been a Patriots wide receiver. He's played on several other teams including the Eagles and the Rams. His success has come most recently as a member of Belichick's team. He can certainly take the hits, and he always stretches for the first down. :-)

His photos have received many comments regarding his studliness and "what I could/would do with that..." Below are some comments gleaned from these images. Feel free to send us your Fantasy Football thoughts about Danny.

"Danny Amendola. Soooo gorgeous omg."

"When you can see what BRAND of jock the stud is wearing (Duke) that is fuckin' amazing!"

Come to Bacchus today to see Danny's team play the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football at 2:30 HST.

Drink a shot of tequila every time he scores!

And, if you're an athletics supporter, join us on Sunday at 2:00 HST for the HIGFFL Beer Bust. They always make it fun and it usually involves some hunk taking off his shirt (or pants!).