So Smile :-)

One of the best reasons to smile is because it's FRIDAY! The weekend is upon us! Get your $6 Absolut cocktails at Bacchus and the $4 happy hour well drinks you love to love. Another reason to smile: our new staff members Chris, Bill and Andrew will be working at the bar this weekend with Bryant, Brett, David, Tuki and Luke. Come on by tonight and let DJ/VJ Matt put a smile on your face. Never a cover. Lots of smiles. :-)

Flirting News Flash: Researchers discovered that those who wanted a long-term relationship found men who smiled more attractive. They also discovered that men were rated more trustworthy when they smiled than when they had a neutral expression. The way you smile at men at Bacchus could be telling…

However, those looking for a short-term relationship (hook-ups, just sex, or a fling) did not find smiling men more appealing, the research psychologists said. Men who seem more trustworthy are a more attractive option for a long-term partnership, but that character trait is less important for a short-term fling.

Here are two little tricks that pay big dividends. You’ll be able to start putting these to good use just about instantaneously.

The Warm Smile

In Leil Lowndes’ How to Talk to Anyone, much of what’s covered is stuff you've seen and heard before, but even then you’ll still pick up gems here and there that can end up proving invaluable. The slow smile was one such gem.

The slow smile, or slow-spreading smile – however you want to call it – is a way of making someone else feel quite special to and appreciated by you. The slow smile is a vastly more personal version of the standard smile. Why is that, you might ask? Well, let’s consider a pair of examples:

  • In Example 1, you look over at a sexy man in a tight t-shirt, and he flashes you a quick, easy smile.
  • In Example 2, you look over at a sexy man in a tight tank top, and watch as a smile slowly spreads across his lips as he looks back at you.

Which man do you think is more genuinely interested in you? Clearly the second man, isn’t it? That’s because a quickly-flashed smile can mean anything – and quite often, it’s simply someone being polite or acknowledging your gaze. But a slow smile – now there’s a signal that means something. It’s a smile specifically for you, targeted at you, and one that you know the guy smiling at you is consciously aware of.

It isn’t just some incidental grin. It’s a conscious, confident smile beamed in your direction. It feels personal, and it feels quite warm.

Use the slow smile everywhere. It’s amazing for seduction – it makes a guy feel much more highly valued by you. And it’s great for just showing people in general you care.

You can even use the slow smile as an opener. Fix your eyes on a man, and lock gazes with him, then slowly began spreading a smile across your lips until you look as though you're about to begin laughing. Almost universally as you do this, the guy will laugh too, and it’s quite easy to either continue to tease her with body language and nonverbals, or to begin a verbal conversation. Men you flirt with this way will open far more warmly and require a lot less initial work to get attracted.

The Sexy Smile

Sexy smiles are not really friendly, warm smiles. The main differences you should note are as follows:

  • The friendly man smiles with his teeth. The sexy man keeps his mouth shut.
  • The friendly man smiles broadly. The sexy man’s smile is not quite so broad.
  • The friendly man smiles with both sides of his mouth evenly. The sexy man’s smile has one side of his mouth smiling more than the other.

So, sexy men smile with their mouths shut, smile less broadly, and smile more with one side of their mouths than the other – almost to the point of having a half-smile sometimes. Those are some rather meaningful differences from your normal average friendly smile – that standard, but ever-so-usual, grin. The advantage is, when you smile with your mouth closed and less broadly and tilted to one side, men will tend to view you as far more of a sexual creature than they will a man who flashes them a friendly smile.

The sexy smile gets men excited about you in a way that the friendly smile just doesn’t. Sexy smiles are the way to go any time you’re interacting with a hottie you’re even the slightest bit interested in – they make an immediate and significant contribution to your efforts.

One note on tilting your smile: smiling more with the right side of your mouth comes across as warm and caring. Smiling more with the left side of your mouth comes across as slick and knowing. Depending on the situation, one of these is often superior to the other – use your judgment. For instance,

if a guy gives you a great compliment, you’ll want him to feel warm and rewarded for having done so, so you’ll flash him a sexy smile that is weighted toward the right side of your face.

If a guy makes a witty remark at your expense, you can laugh a little and smile more with the left side of your face to let her know you get it but you’re no verbal punching bag.

This might sound minor, but it’s not. It’s major. If you get good at using warm smiles and sexy smiles, you will get such better initial receptions. It’s silly, but your interactions will run remarkably smoother. You’ll be using your smile to defuse tension and problems, using the slow, warm smile to build up good feelings and the sexy smile to get guys going crazy over you.

Your smile is how people judge who you are and what your intentions are when they’re drawing up rapid assessments.

Most men can decide very quickly if they think you’re the kind of man they’re looking for based on your smile alone.

It’s one of those core fundamentals that most guys interestingly enough don’t even think to work on until they’re far more advanced; but even the greenest social beginners can (and will!) benefit massively from tweaking their smiles as soon as possible. It’s a big deal, and it makes a big difference.

So… smile :)