Monday Morning Quarterbacking…

It's Margarita Monday at Bacchus. Come on up those stairs to the air-conditioned bliss of our small neighborhood bar. Order up a margarita for just $3 and add a fresh Baker + Butcher banh mi for just $4 more. Start your week in the friendliest bar in Waikiki.

Sunday afternoon success! The HIGFFL Ball Bustin' Beer Bust was spectacular and brought a super-fun crowd to Bacchus. Thanks to all who helped raise money for this wonderful group.

Shirts were stripped off, prizes were won, Jell-O shots were gobbled up, and beer was consumed. Some of the crowd was nice enough to pose for some photos. Click the images to enlarge.

Again, thanks to all that made the afternoon a great success!

Next Monday, October 3rd, join us for TRIVIA NIGHT. The event starts at 7PM, and lasts approximately 2 hours. It's free and it's always fun! :-)