Suddenly, Last Summer - Part 4

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If you're just discovering this series, check out parts 1, 2 and 3.

When we last left Pax and RIpley, they were in the sand, nude, making out at the edge of the water on Goat Island. The sun was setting and they should have been planning their walk back across the rocky and choppy waters. They looked up and a man in a kayak was approaching...

"FUCK!" Ripley shouted as he pushed Pax off of him and bolted upright.

Pax tumbled over in the sand while Ripley scampered around to gather their swim trunks to cover up. The man in the kayak was less than 10 feet from the shore. The naked lovers could not make out his face because he was in shadow.

Pax wasn't worried about covering up. His erection flagging, he remained seated on the sand, with his hand to his eyes looking to see who it was.

"Don't worry guys, I'm not here to bust you," boomed a voice as the kayak kissed the shoreline inches away from Pax's feet. The deep bass of the voice sounded like actor Sam Elliott narrating a Dodge Ram truck commercial.

He dismounted the kayak and the two new lovers saw a handsome bearded lean and muscular man with shoulder length hair.

"I've been watching you guys for a while from the shore line over there," he pointed. "You're a hot couple. How long have you been together?"

Ripley was still scampering around collecting his belongings and stood there covering himself with his towel and board shorts. And with what he just said, he had been watching them playing around. His cheeks started to flush.

Pax, on the other hand, started chuckling, "We new friends, and we're just getting to know each other better," he answered, "And, what is it about this island and voyeurs? You liked what you saw? Were you using binoculars?"

Pax shifted a bit in the sand and he started to show quite a bit more excitement and he turned his head toward to Ripley and smirked.

Kayak man noticed what was happening and started to get aroused. It was just what he was hoping for when he decided to crash the party. Still, he managed to answer Pax's questions and offer an explanation.

"Funny," he answered, "I'm camping alone at the State Park over there,'" he pointed across the small channel of water between Goat Island and the beach. "I saw that the sun was going down. I remembered seeing you guys walking through the water over here a while ago. I was using binoculars when I saw you were still here, um....'enjoying' the island. I knew you'd probably stay too long and not be able to see your way back across the water in the dark," he continued. "I was concerned you'd get stranded or hurt."

"So you're here to offer us your assitance?" Pax raised his right eyebrow when he posed this question. He looked at the kayak man, then down to his own waistline.

"Well, if you guys wanna finish up what you had started," he offered, "I'd be happy to take you back to shore in my boat."

"Can it handle both of us?" Ripley asked and looked at Pax and smiled. Pax wasn't sure if this was innuendo or not, but laughed out loud at the suggestion.

"It sure can," kayak man winked at Ripley.

Pax turned to Ripley, "The nice man has offered for us to finish what we started. You want to do that? Or maybe start something else?"

No words needed to be said as Ripley dropped what he was holding in his hands and walked over to the two men.

"Mind if I rinse off in the water? I'm kind of sweaty from kayaking."
"No problem," Pax and Ripley both said in unison. The coincidence relaxing them more.

Kayak man stripped off his tshirt and shorts and dove into the water. On emerging, he flipped his long hair over his head creating an arc of water that glistened in the setting sun.

While that was happening, Pax asked Ripley, "Are you okay with this? I mean, I'm definitely into you, but, you know I get off on being watched...and he's very sexy..."

Ripley smiled, "This ain't my first time at the rodeo, bucko," and sat down on the sand next to Pax, "I think this will be fun. But maybe we should get back to shore first, then…" his voice trailed off as he looked up at kayak man emerging from the water, "…never mind…"

The three men enjoyed each other immensely as the skies darkened over Goat Island. Their lust eventually gave way to laughter as they each lie exhausted on the sand. Ever-playful, Pax challenged the two others to a naked race along the shoreline, "from the kayak to that rock wall, then back,…Okay?" The other two rose, "Three, two, one…"


And they were off…

Pax and Ripley finished the "race" together and embraced and dipped into the water again to rinse off. The kayak man noticed their spark and didn't get too close as they all played in the water and enjoyed naked night swimming.

Spent, the three men then put their clothes back on and loaded up the kayak with their belongings and made it back to shore. They helped drag the kayak to the man's tent and then Pax and Ripley headed to the Jeep in the parking lot.

Back in the car, Pax turned his phone back on to get the best directions back to Honolulu. As they drove, they held hands enjoying the cool evening ocean breeze.

The silence was interrupted by the chime of a message from Scruff on Pax's phone. He chuckled and looked down at the preview.

"Are you the guy who shows off in the window at the Marriott?"

Pax typed back, "Nope." Then he squeezed Ripley's hand tighter as they drove toward Waikiki.

We hope you enjoyed our series. And we hope you come to Bacchus to enjoy a beer, cocktail, the music, the bar staff. You just might meet up with a hottie who'll take you on an adventure.