Enjoy the Beach Barbecue at Fort DeRussy Beach with The Aloha Bears today. Then come back to Bacchus for a $3 Margarita and good times with new friends.

What's makes you relax on a holiday?

These poor men can't seem to keep their pants on when they work, so it makes sense that their holidays involve stripping down to the bare minimum and relaxing with a cool margarita....

Well, we don't allow nudity at Bacchus, but when you need to drop all your inhibitions, we do offer $3 Margaritas on Mondays. Nothing beats relaxing at a bar where you can be comfortable being you, enjoying a cool brew or cocktail and chatting with cuties from all over the world.

Coming up this week: Tap Tuesdays with $2 beer; 2-4-1 Wednesdays; Trivia on Thursday night at 7; Weekend kick-off on Friday; Saturday Sensations; then our 5th Anniversary Party on Sunday. A week you don't want to miss at Bacchus Waikiki!

And if you were thinking that your pants looked good "falling off" like this (see below) you're wrong.

This is more like it (subtler is sexier LOL):

Finish out the holiday weekend with the men of Bacchus Waikiki. You'll be glad you did.