Ask Bacchus: Your Best Bacchus Memory?

It's $2 Tap Tuesday. All tap beer is two bucks. All day. All night. The best deal in Waikiki. Don't miss our 5th Anniversary Party this coming Sunday, 9/11 at 4pm. Tasty treats and drink specials, too.

We want to know your favorite Bacchus memories from the past 5 years. Was it one of our bartenders that made you feel welcome or the time when we had our side room open and you "played" darts? Was it that first Pride party with the staff in togas? The sexy GEAR and/or STEAM parties when the hunks of Honolulu roamed the bar in leather or towels. The first Beer Garden Party when our local 80 year old Lei Lady made national news stuffing dollar bills into the jock strap of a go-go dancer?

Let us know. Post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Give your post a hashtag: BacchusHi5 and we'll gather them all. Our request: please keep em rated PG.