Looking Cool

Wednesday, September 7th means 2-4-1 cocktails at Bacchus all day and all night with DJ Kuya at 10PM.
See the end of this post for a teaser of tomorrow's Trivia Night.

A recent survey disclosed that a whopping 87 percent of people think that glasses are sexy –

When it comes to looking hot, there’s nothing sexier than a rocking pair of specs.

Specs have taken a front seat in the fashion stakes recently and are fast becoming the latest must have accessory. You've seen them - the guys in stylish specs, hanging at Bacchus. Drinking their 2-4-1 cocktails to save money 'cuz the $500 vanity glasses they bought at Oliver Peoples has got them in a financial bind. :-) Drink up; we're glad this deal is working for you.

In one study, people pictured wearing glasses were judged to be 14 IQ points more intelligent than those who were not.

Men wearing glasses are also often subconsciously pre-conceived as being nice – and whilst nice is often associated with boring – it’s far more fun to make a good boy bad than a bad boy good, wouldn’t you agree?

Nothing like ripping a pair of glasses off a guy’s face and getting straight down to business!

Here's a gallery of bespectacled studs you can imagine doing just that…

How "spectacular!" Be spectacular and come drink with us today and tonight. You'll be glad you did. There's never a cover and it's always fun!

Speaking of spectacular things....Bacchus Trivia Night returns tomorrow at 7PM. It'll be National Ampersand Day, so we're going to quiz you on all things "AND." For instance, can you identify these famous Andrews and Andys?

Try to get them all within 1 minute. Then check your answers below this photo gallery of sexy men in glasses.

How'd you do? Not bad! Join us tomorrow at 7PM for Trivia Night. Teams of 2-6 people. If you're solo, we'll hook you up with a team for 6 rounds or brain teasing fun! Drink specials and prizes! Join us!