Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night

Saturday at Bacchus: Early morning college football is followed by Tuki's Annual Latin Fiesta (12pm-4pm). Relaxing late afternoon cocktail time then DJ Takai at 10pm. No cover. Always a good time. Join us!

"Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night" was the title of a 1976 New York Magazine article by British rock journalist Nik Cohn. It was the basis for the plot and characters in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

A memorable scene is Tony getting ready to go out to the club on Saturday night. Staring in the mirror, trying to mimic the musculature of Bruce Lee, a wink toward Farrah Fawcett and eventually bumps his crotch and zips up his polyester pants...well, just watch:

Times have changed and we prep for our Saturday nights a little differently these days, but, maybe we don't....

As we get ready, we take selfies and bump and grind and look at ourselves in the mirror while listening to our favorite streaming music…pose like the hottest stud and wink at our favorite pop princess.

Are you ready for tonight? Primp, preen and look your sexiest and come visit Bacchus and DJ Takai. You'll be glad you did.

We're serious! ;-)

Tomorrow we open early (7am) for NFL kickoff and then host The Aloha Bears pre-catamaran booze cruise (11:30am) and post-catamaran booze cruise lunch (2:30pm). Finally, our 5th Anniversary Party for YOU, the Bacchus customer starts at 4pm. See you today and tomorrow. :-)