Wash away 2016. Welcome the new year. More below…

As the sun comes up over Diamond Head this morning, it's not only a new day, it's also a new year. Last night was revelry and today is reality. 2017 is a big question mark for many of us. What is your resolution? Our recommendation:

Resolve to enjoy 2017. And resolve to enjoy some of the year at Bacchus.

In Hawaii we're fortunate that we can cleanse last year away. Grab a group of friends or go solo. Jump in a pool or the ocean. Strip down naked or wear your fanciest swimwear. Just dive in and enjoy. When you emerge, you'll be ready for 2017 and all the surprises it has in store.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We have a slate of events planned for the year. As always, we open our doors early on Sunday mornings (6am). Come on in early today for the final game of the NFL regular season or any other game you want to see. If it's not on, just ask. We'll pour the drink you want to drink, too! Just ask.

At Bacchus our motto for 2017: we'll do our best to make you smile.

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