Ask Bacchus: One Step Beyond

On Tuesdays at Bacchus, six bucks gets you a Baker + Butcher sandwich and a tap beer. And all tap beer is just $2 all day all night. What a deal!

A customer asked:

How much is too much? How do you know when you've gone too far?

We know he wasn't talking about tattoos, but it's a nice photo, no?

The context of the question was about ordering expensive liquors in mixed drinks when the taste becomes nullified by the addition of other liquids. Namely, sweet additions like colas, juices and Red Bull. 

What's the most "outlandish" single drink order?

The easiest answer: The top-shelf Trash Can, $24.
We loosely fill a tall glass halfway with ice. Add shot premium vodka (your call), white rum (your call), gin (your call), triple sec, and blue curacao. Then, we open can of Red Bull (your choice of flavor) and pour half of it into the cup, and then dunk the can below the liquid level, so half of the Red Bull is still in the upside-down can.

First off, at Bacchus, if you like a drink a certain way, then make sure to mention to the bartender that you’d like it made that way. We will happily make any drink you order (if we have the ingredients).

Why is the top-shelf Trash Can over-the-top? Well, if the name doesn't give it away, what follows is our opinion. When you're asking for premium liquors to be mixed together and then mixed with Red Bull, you're eliminating the special nuances of the premium liquors. You won't taste the high notes of the gin or the essence of the vodka; it's just a masking of any flavor.

If you still want a Trash Can, our recommendation, order it with well liquors. You'll save a bunch of money and you won't notice the taste difference. (Our well liquors are quite nice!)

A close second: The Bob Marley, $16.
The true Bob Marley (trivia hint for 1/16) is grenadine at the bottom, creme de menthe in the middle, and 151 plus creme de banana at the top. It makes the red, green and yellow of the Jamaican flag. We're supposed to light it on fire, stick a straw down to the bottom and let you suck it down.

Why is The Bob Marley too much? Any layered drink takes time. Lots of time. So make sure your bartender isn't super busy (come during the weekday daylight hours if you're going to try this one). Then, there's the flaming part....never a wise choice around alcohol.

And drinking and tattoos are never a good combination as evidenced below:

Come to Bacchus today for $2 Tap Beer. You'll be glad you did.