Timeout for Feli L.

It's another installment in our ongoing Thursday timeout series where we take a close look at sporty hotties. You should take some time out today and enjoy $5 tequila (all tequila) at Bacchus!

He is tall, handsome, with a hot body.
Meet 35 year old Spanish tennis player, Feliciano López.

He stands 6' 2" and weighs in at 187lbs. Feli (as he's known to his buddies) is a naturally lean and gorgeous stud. He was born in Toledo, Spain and now lives in Madrid. Feliciano achieved his career-high singles ranking of world number 12 in March 2015.

Feli is left-handed and uses a single-handed backhand. He is known for his strong serve and ability to play balls repeatedly on the baseline, and is also a confident net player and has been known to serve and volley. Unlike most Spanish players, who almost always prefer clay courts due to the popularity of that surface in their country, he is an exceptionally strong grass-court player, with three quarterfinal runs at Wimbledon (for Monday trivia: the current Wimbledon men's singles champion is Andy Murray).

He has appeared as a model for Hugo Boss and Elle, and endorses Braun shavers and L'Oréal products. He has professed to dislike being called a model, however, and states that he wants to be seen only as a tennis player. Some see him for his beautiful face and body (check out his sexy butt pics).

Feliciano says he's attracted to fashion, but does not let it take away from his dreams of being a tennis champion.

He knows that he has adoring fans and sometimes teases them with a flash of his rock-solid abs or a wink and a glimpse of his honest smile. One of his hobbies is showering before playing a game and starting the game with wet hair.

So what do you think? ¿Qué tú piensando? Are you a fan? Would you like us to invite him to Bacchus for a shot of tequila today? $5 all brands, but for Feli, it'll be on the house (of course).