Is tonight the night you come to Bacchus and live out one of your dreams?

DJ Matt is spinning at 10. He'll put you in the right mood. Absolut is flowing for just $6. No cover. Always fun. Do it. You know you want to. :-)

You’ve always had an idea for this fantasy to play out on your vacation.

Sometimes it feels as though there is too much going on at the bar. Loud music is playing, you talk louder to hear each other over the sounds… You look around and most everyone is on their smartphone - texting, gaming, cruising.

You're at Bacchus sitting against the front windows enjoying a whisky - wondering why (trivia hint) the Scots spell it whisky and the Irish and Americans spell it whiskey. An attractive guy walks in. You make eye contact, and he flashes a quick smile before putting his head back down and heading to the bar. You watch as he points at the beer he wants on tap and nods to the bartender. After he gets his pint, he turns and heads towards you.

He sits right next to you, but doesn’t say a word. You gestured when he sat down but tried not to stare at his handsome face, but by looking down you get stuck looking at this muscled thighs.

You sit, side by side, for a while bobbing a bit to the music but don’t say anything.

Soon you feel his leg slide over and his leg hair touching yours. You don’t move because you figure maybe he is just rocking out to the song. His leg lingers and soon you feel the warmth of his calve along your shin. So you slide over just a bit, just enough so that your thighs touch slightly. He doesn’t pull away, but instead he starts to slowly rub his foot up along your leg.

You finally glance over to look at him; and he smiles sheepishly before taking another sip of his beer. You slide your left hand over - brushing his buttocks ever so slightly before moving up his back. I start to gently rub his lower back as his leg rubs yours. You move your hand down to knead the soft spot above his cheeks and are rewarded with his soft exhalation.

Without moving your left hand, you down the rest of your whisky and reach in your pocket with your right hand, pull out your hotel room card and turn to look at his reaction. He nods slightly and finishes the rest of his beer in one gulp.

Without saying a word you both get up and exit through the crowd to head to your hotel room.

The rest of the night is an exploration filled with more sighs, grunts and moans, but no actual words.

He leaves in the middle of the night. At the door he loudly whispers, “thanks.”

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy $6 Absolut and DJ Matt at 10PM.