The Otter

It's NFL Divisional Showdown Weekend at Bacchus. We're broadcasting all 4 NFL games and so much more on Saturday and Sunday! The Outstanding DJ Takai is back tonight at 10PM. Join us. Never a cover; always a great time!

Gay men often use descriptive terms to identify and label other gay men:

Otter, bear, wolf, twink, cub, etc.

What do these terms mean? Why so many divisions? Over the course of the next few Saturdays, we'll break it down for you. We'll call it our Gay Divisional Primer and, of course, offer some visual help.

Today's installment: The Otter.
An otter is considered a thin or lean gay man who is hairy. He may or may not trim his body hair. Some otters have beards, and some don't.

Otters usually have smaller frames when compared to the heavier cub or bear and look a lot like what you would see in a picture of an otter…sexy, happy and hairy.

Otters are athletic but not overly muscled and a guy can be an otter regardless of age. They're considered part of the larger bear community. Think of otters being somewhere between cubs and bears. They’re not as massive as bears and are certainly smaller than cubs.

Don't forget about our Trivia Night coming up this Monday. you may just be asked if gay skaters Brian Boitano and Brian Orser secret otter lovers. :-)

Do you know any otters? Do these types of men turn you on? Come to Bacchus today and/or tonight and see how many you spot. No cover. Always fun!