"I'm traveling alone and meet a man at Bacchus. I invite him back to my room, and we start kissing and undressing each other. There's a lot of foreplay, and I'm excited because I can be anybody I want and do whatever I want—I'll never see him again!"

Don't judge. You've done it!
Stranger fantasies satisfy our desire to shamelessly express yourself and get your needs met, no strings attached.

You don't get bogged down in or need to worry about his feelings, what you should or shouldn't be doing or what he thinks of you—all the things that may hold you back slightly in the real bedroom.

Already attached? Meet your mate at Bacchus and role-play. Sure, ignoring everything you know about his likes and dislikes is tough. You want him to have fun, too.

A better way to re-create the strangers-in-the-night thrill: add some unpredictability to your lovemaking routine.

Anything that surprises him will excite you both. It can be as simple as flicking on the lights if you usually do it in the dark or swapping positions or the order of how things usually progress.

Whether you're single or paired up,  come to Bacchus today and/or tonight and start your fantasy weekend to temporarily escape from the new madness of the world.

Come to Bacchus today and/or tonight and escape from the Upside Down. Absolut vodka might be the trick - just $6 - all flavors. DJ Matt spins tonight at 10pm. The world might be just a little stranger today, but Bacchus will be your oasis from the madness. Always fun and never a cover charge. Ever.