Ask Bacchus: Stress Relief

You've got a big decision to make and you're anxious and stressed. You come to Bacchus for a $2 pint of beer.

Because it's Tuesday and all tap beer is $2 all day and all night.

It makes you wonder… does drinking reduce anxiety?

Moderate doses of alcohol can also reduce stress... under the right circumstances... for some people. You may be able to drink a little and feel closer to your friends, start paying attention to the moment, feel your mood lift, maybe even put your worries in context so you become more carefree.

Caveat: You're a moderate drinker with no anxiety disorder. You're not depressed, you're not taking meds that don't mix with booze and there's no family history of alcohol dependence. You just like to have a drink or two with your work colleagues, your friends, your partner.

What else can you do to reduce anxiety? Well....

You know how people always say exercise improves your mood? It’s annoying, but you know they’re right. The reason for that post-workout mood boost is because working out releases brain chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel happier and less stressed out. 

Well, having an orgasm is kind of like exercising, except much more intense. Orgasm stimulates a flood of hormones and neurotransmitters, including oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. All of these chemicals are associated both with pleasure and stress reduction, and explain why you might feel like spaghetti after getting off. Sometimes, solo sexy time may even make you sleepy — which is a good thing for some insomniacs. 

So, masturbation is therefore a viable way to relieve stress. You can choose to masturbate instead of meditating or doing yoga if that kind of thing is more up your alley...

So have a cocktail or two and chill, it might help you relax. And (trivia hint) masturbation relieves stress, soothes headaches, and is really just a fun way to clear your head. If you're faced with a huge decision — especially one that's particularly sexy, just take a moment to rub one out.

Everyone does it.…