To Shave Or Not To Shave

You stand in front of your bathroom mirror with a simple choice; to shave or not to shave.

Gay men come across the male body hair question constantly. Many of our friends have body hair and some are bald as a baby’s butt.

Trends are funny. They typically start with gay men, trickle down to straight women and finally after a decade or so, land in the laps of unsuspecting straight men. So while gay men plucked and waxed their way to a glossy smooth body in the 90’s, straight men think that’s what they should do today.

Hopefully, the days of men showing off their big hairy chests have not gone.

Still, many men have traded in their combs for clippers as chest hair removal has become a growing trend. Advertising and American culture makes it apparent that bare-chested men are sexier and more desirable. Though the main reasons for removing chest hair are superficial, there are a three ways to remove it: Shaving, Tweezing and Waxing.

Tweezing takes forever and is insane and Waxing is painful. Shaving is the easiest, but consider trimming instead. There is a place for good grooming practices in every man’s morning routine. Keeping body hair trimmed to a manageable level separates us from the animals, but when it comes to body hair, put the razor away, and opt for a trimmer with a nice sized guard.

At Bacchus, we want you to be natural; happy the way you are. Shave if you must, trim to be sexy and drink with us to be satisfied. :-)

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