Timeout for Jason CPK

It's another installment in our ongoing Thursday timeout series where we take a close look at sporty men from around the world. Take time out today and enjoy $5 tequila at Bacchus!

Jason Chee Pei Kun was born November 11, 1987 in Singapore. He stands 6 feet tall and now* weighs approximately 200lbs.

Most of these photos were taken in 2009-2013 when Jason was leaner. In the past few years, Jason has started to body build with the goal of competing in Mr. Olympia. See pics toward the end of this post.

His heritage is Chinese and Singaporean. He's got a degree in chemistry, but his career has taken him in another direction.

Well, perhaps he uses his chemistry in other ways. His athletic prowess is natural, so he became a certified personal trainer.

And a few years ago, Jason started competing in male pageants (very popular in Asia). He entered Manhunt Singapore (sadly, no connection to the gay hook-up app Manhunt), Calendar Guys, CLEO Singapore's Most Eligible Bachelors and others.

We find it no surprise that he won the title of Best Model Singapore and represented that city/state at the Best Model of the World competition in Bulgaria in 2011. And at that competition, as expected, he won the title of Best Model in Asia.

He went on to compete in the following year's Manhunt International in Bangkok and finished 4th runner-up. It was around that time when he hooked up with a local photographer who started using Jason as his muse. His beefcake portfolio, therefore, is quite robust! :-)

Jason says he's not gay, but he advocates for his gay friends and gay causes like HIV awareness and marriage equality. He's constantly heckled and badgered for being gay friendly. He can take it, he's a stand-up guy — an all-around sexy sweetheart.

His drink of choice? Something strong. But not so strong you don't remember the great sex you had the night before. :-)

We personally invite Jason to try any cocktail at Bacchus- on the house. If you like tequila, we have it on special today for $5. All tequila. All day. All night.

Jason models occasionally and most of his attention focuses on the gym he co-owns in the Lion City (that's Singapore's nickname and today's trivia hint).

Today, he's turned his sights to body building and his vying for a spot in the Mr. Olympia contest soon.

Despite a recent bad decision regarding hair color, he maintains his sexy appeal. He's handsome, smart and fit. He's definitely someone you'd like to get to know better...and eventually take home to meet your mother. :-)

Show off your muscle and come to Bacchus today for $5 tequila. Throw back a few with us. You'll be glad you did.