The Gipster

Sunday is a great day to spend at Bacchus. We start off early with Tuki and his make-your-own bloody mary bar. He's always got a surprise addition to the bar- check it out. We're showing the Pro Bowl this afternoon and the drinks will be flowing well into the evening. Come visit us today. You'll be glad you did.

A Queerty blogger recently wrote…

Hipsters are defined by a vapid, superficial purely external identity that could emanate from an Excel spreadsheet. Queers are organic, whole, and raw: the expensive fruit at Whole Foods.

To him Hipsters are emulating queer style, not gay style. He says that “queer” implies a resistance to assimilation which is ironically (and you know how much the hipsters love irony!) the very thing hipsters are doing: assimilating. Bacchus asks, what about the hybrid?

The Gipster

Gipsters or Gay hipsters: gay (sometimes bisexual) male akin to the indie community; has elegant taste in film, music, literature (almost all are writers), art (most are not artistically capable, but interest is undoubtedly present. some make art, regardless of ability and skill,) etc. Trivia buffs should know what gipster means for Monday, February 6th.

Often vegan or vegetarian, statistically either a Taurus or a Gemini. Gipsters can speak more than one or two languages—French and Swedish are very common; the former nearly mandatory. We've got our own in Hawaii, mais oui?

The band Street Patrol even has song, Gay or Hipster. Try to make out the lyrics....????

Bacchus loves all our customers, Hipsters and Gipsters and all of the other flavors out there! So come on up the stairs at 408 Lewers Street and say hello to our friendly bartenders, order a few cocktails or brews and spend some time in our cozy, air-conditioned bar. You'll be glad you did.