Man and Machine

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Motorcycles are sexy, but why are they cool? And could it be more than just coolness? Bacchus wonders…

Undeniably, they are cool. Just close your eyes and think of motorcycles and the guys who ride them for a moment and consider what images come to mind.

We think of James Dean or young Marlon Brando. Young rebels with leather jackets and cigarettes dangling from their mouths, roaring through town, defying authority. Hellions on two wheels. Instantly cool.

Motorcycles embody non-comformity.
They are 600lb, 1200cc rolling, rumbling sculptures, giving a hard chromed middle finger to the establishment. They are the polar opposite of the automobile - that safe and sterilized, seatbelted, airbagged, sanitized-for-your-protection vehicle of the masses. Riding a bike sets you apart from the rest. It says "I will not be a lemming, slowly rolling towards my grave in a tin coffin with cruise control and ABS. I prefer to ride there, on a thumping v-twin or screaming 4 cylinder rocket, tires churning op the pavement all the way!" Trivia buffs should know that the best selling motorcycle brand in the world is Kawasaki with Harley Davidson ranking 10th.

Riding a motorcycle is perceived to be a tough and macho thing; there's an element of danger. That’s really sexy.

Leather is always sexy, and sometimes you have to wear leather when you ride a bike. It’s more for protection, but it also gets you some style points. Motorcycle fashion is hot, but it's good to know the function behind all the zippers on the jacket; they’re all really for something. You want your gear to be protective, and that’s why leather is good because you can move and it’s windproof. You dress in layers so you can peel it off. Slowly....

When you travel via motorcycle, you see everything differently — you’re feel like you’re in the environment more and you can go places cars cannot. So it brings you closer to nature.

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