Ask Bacchus: Are You Having a Super Bowl Party?

Tuesdays mean that draft beer is $2 all day and all night! Come join your favorite bartenders at Bacchus and make them work those taps!

Speaking of beer, here's our question of the day:

I’m a football fan trying to find a place to watch the big game. Will Bacchus be showing the Super Bowl on Sunday?

Yes! And wait, there's more!

We will show Super Bowl LI on all 4 screens and we welcome everyone to join our fun. The sound will be on throughout the game so even if you don’t like football, you won’t miss the commercials or the Lady Gaga halftime show.

We open super early on Sundays anyway, so come early and secure a good spot for the game and not miss out on the pre-game opening or Luke Bryan’s version of the national anthem. Today's trivia hint for Monday, February 6th: the only Super Bowl that the national anthem was not performed at was Super Bowl XI at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Oh yeah, it gets better…

The sexy studs of Hawaii Gay Flag Football League are hosting a beer bust fundraiser at Bacchus during the game. That means, if you're a beer drinker - you can get in on the deal and help out the leage with $5 for your first cup of beer and $2 for refills! Expect to have an enjoyable afternoon with these fun-loving jocks.

They'll be selling Jell-O shots and raffle tickets with grand prizes that include: a 2 night stay at the Aqua Oasis; an XBox One; and, a $200 gift card. We've seen some of the players strip down to their jock straps if they get a donation of a certain amount :-)

When it's all said and done, you'll have so much fun and you'll probably feel like you're in a locker room after your team won the big game!

And to sweeten the deal, naughty Bacchus will purchase 1 raffle ticket for each customer who wears a jock strap (must be worn in the traditional sense and proof is obtained by showing the strap, in other words, you don't have to strip for us! But if you want to.....

Practice for Sunday by having some $2 tap beers with us today. Then come out on Super Bowl Sunday to be an athletic supporter in more ways than one.