Big, Blond and Beautiful

In search of the perfect Golden Globes?

Before the actual Golden Globes broadcast (we'll show it at 3PM), you might just show up at Bacchus today for The Aloha Bears Second Sunday Open Bar Booze Cruise. They'll be plenty of sexy men and some will have blond furry butts.

You might be interested in the NFL Wild Card games we'll be showing. The early game is Miami at Pittsburgh - remember the golden wisps of hair on the scalp of Steeler Terry Bradshaw?). The late game is New York at Green Bay - who could compete with Clay Matthews golden glamour tresses?

We found a real Viking (from Norway) whose size and good looks put that Packer to shame: meet Lasse Matberg.

Lasse is 6'6" and is a Nowegian Navy Officer/Model.
He's the true definition of big, blond & beautiful (click below) just like Latifah sang in Hairspray.

Perhaps you'd want to discover a leaner pair of golden globes? Maybe on one of these hotties?

Then, there are these golden haired chaps to fantasize about and imagine the possibilities.

But we know your thoughts might just come back to Lasse, the Big, Blond and Beautiful hunk whose golden globes you'll never forget.

Enjoy all things golden and globular at Bacchus today. We're open 6am to 2am.
You'll be glad you did.