Wild Cards

It's Wild Card Weekend at Bacchus. We've got your NFL games and lots of fun planned for Saturday and Sunday! The Amazing DJ Takai plays tonight at 10PM. Tomorrow, the Aloha Bears set sail on their monthly open bar booze cruise then party the afternoon away at the bar. Join us. Never a cover; always a great time!

Watching straight guys go wild and vie for a gay sexual experience is a fantasy for many. Maybe it’s because seeing it captivates our imagination and helps to make what seems impossible suddenly possible.

Bacchus wonders: Who's the wild card in your group of straight buddies? You know, the guy who is generally unpredictable and his often reckless and wacky behavior can either benefit (or hurt) the group depending on the situation. If he's a straight guy, he's the most likely to have a gay experience. Here are five reasons why.

Perhaps the most common reason a gay sexual experience happens for a straight man relates to curiosity. They wonder:

  • What’s it like to be with another man?
  • How does it feel to touch or taste a male body part?
  • How far will I go in testing my personal boundaries?

Proving heterosexuality
Some straight men purposely seek out a gay experience to prove they are not homosexual. If you have ever slept with a woman to prove that you aren’t gay, you can probably relate. Reasons might include:

  • Testing man on man action can reaffirm a straight guy’s sexual orientation (i.e. if I didn’t get into, it means I’m not gay).
  • It's a personal challenge (can I survive a same sex experience?)

Gay for Pay
There’s an old adage: Everyone has a price. To some extent, that’s probably true. Some men who call themselves straight will engage in homosexual activities if the price is right. Examples:

  • Straight male dancers allowing gay men to go down on them for a set dollar amount.
  • They need extra money and allow limited sexual contact in exchange for dollars.
  • Adult video performers or, ahem, "underwear models" involving themselves in some type of same sex scene.

Accidental Tourist
There have been cases where two men have become physically intimate with one another on accident. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

Perhaps the most common reason is connected to the phenomenon of Ambien sex. Example: Two straight male roomies pop the sleeping pill to get some Z’s. The next day, they hazily recall hooking up with each other.

Sexual fluidity
There was a time when strict sexual orientation boundaries were the norm. A person was either straight or gay with bi being part of the dynamic.

All of that has changed in recent years. More and more, men are coming out as “sexually fluid”. In a nutshell, to be sexually fluid means that orientation is malleable.

Perceptions on human sexual orientation have been changing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Labels, such as “gay” and “straight” seem to be transforming. Some will experiment and call it "going wild."

Bacchus' advice? Be true to yourself and love yourself. Don't let someone else's experimentation or sexual development change the way you think about yourself.