So Playful

Tequila will keep you smiling! $5 tequila at Bacchus every Thursday 12PM - 2AM.

We’ve all got that mischievous friend...the sassy one who always seems to get himself into a pickle or two. We love being around him because he’s playful and keeps us feeling young.

Bacchus is (among many things) the god of revelry and mischief. He’s got a wink and a giggle. Come watch Karen and Jack on Will & Grace tonight at 8PM at the bar and you’ll understand a bit of what we’re talking about (they're sassy, but way more snarky than Bacchus will ever be).

If someone in your friend group is looking for some stark honesty, he’s the one they’ll be dialing. Whether it’s an outfit review or a real viewpoint on a relationship, he’ll be called up for duty.

We should be thankful to have mischievous friends in our lives - as long as they don’t get us into trouble. Think of the impish Bacchus or Tinker Bell, the trivial faerie we all know and love — spunky, rebellious, impatient, impulsive, determined, persistent, temperamental... yet charming and lovable and dedicated friend when the chips are down.

Stir up some mischief (legally, of course) at Bacchus today. Tequila is $5. We’ll be showing Thursday Night Football at 2:30PM and Will & Grace at 8PM.