Tastes, Preferences and Customs

At Bacchus every Monday, margaritas are $3. If you prefer a cocktail, well drinks are $4 in the afternoon. Hang out at the bar for TRIVIA NIGHT tonight at 7PM. It's one of the funnest nights in Waikiki! Come by and check it out, it's free! Tonight's Trivia theme is Pop Culture: 1980-2010. Trivia questions will most definitely go beyond the gay milestones on TV and People's Sexiest Man of the Year, but it may be good to know them.

Categories for pop culture can range from: entertainment (movies, music, television, games, memes), sports, news (people/places/scandals), politics, fashion/clothing, technology and slang.

Friendly service is timeless and is always on tap at Bacchus. Come by and check us out. Ask your bartender about his memories from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Remember what happened? Well, Bacchus opened in 2011, so we're too young to remember! :-) Here are some visual reminders:

Hone up on your Pop Culture and come by the bar. Trivia starts at 7PM. If you're solo, we'll hook you up with a team. See you at Bacchus!

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