Same Flavor as the Original!

Last week’s Will & Grace airing was such a success, we’re doing it all over again tonight at 8PM. Join us. No cover. Ever.

For those who were wondering if the show would still pack a punch, they were pleasantly surprised. Grace is still annoying, but essential to the story line. Will is the same - and nearly invisible. But both Will and Grace serve their roles as the comedic "straight" men for the acerbic humor of the characters Jack and Karen. They just make us laugh.

The best line from last week's episode. When being served a cocktail, Karen quips,

What’s with the Laura Bush pour?
Give me the full Pat Nixon!

Of course a trivia reference to the former teetotaling First Lady (Bush) and another boozy former First Lady (Nixon).

Is it still relevant? NBC’s farcical sitcom Will & Grace debuted in 1998, at a time when gay characters were barely represented on TV. Its central couple wasn’t a will-they won’t-they romance, but a fiercely close friendship between gay lawyer Will (Eric McCormack) and his straight best friend Grace (Debra Messing). It even dared to include yet another gay man as a lead character in Sean Hayes’s melodramatic Jack (Sean Hayes). Meanwhile, Megan Mullally’s boozy Karen, the kept wife of an unseen husband, eventually revealed that she cared less about the gender of the people she slept with than what they could do for her — but her primary role on the show was to pop pills, make off color jokes, and keep things weird.

We gays love our campy humor. (And occasional beefcake!) The bar was full of W&G lovers last week and we’re expecting more for tonight’s episode 2. Join us early (MLB playoffs and NFL Thursday Night Football will be on screen earlier in the day).

Then Will & Grace at 8PM. Tequila for $5 is our Thursday special. See you soon!